“The beautiful are never perfect,” my grandmother used to say. The same applies to Sex and the Citadel. Between my bright idea and the book in your hands, a few errors have crept in (among them, those pesky letters, ‘ ayn and ’ hamza, still causing mischief). Readers who have the e-book, reprints or later paperback editions, will find these mistakes fixed. For those who took the plunge, and bought the first edition, here’s a list of corrections, in bold; page number refer to English-language editions of the book.


Chapter 4

p. 135

“Not to mention that old chestnut, masturbation (also known as al-‘ada al-sirriyya or “the secret habit” as it is known in Egyptian Arabic)…”


Chapter 6

p. 266

“Some Shi‘i religious scholars take a more flexible stance…”



p. 300, n36

“Differences between Sunni and Shi‘i Muslims over mut‘a marriage…”

p. 312, n35

ALCS (Association de Lutte Contre le SIDA)



p. 317

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p. 323

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p. 326

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p. 338

Female sexuality,
Qur’an on, 54, 65,112, 181

p. 340

see also Qur’an; Shi‘i Muslims; Sunni Muslims

p. 341

Marriage, in Arab world,
Qur’an views on, 31, 84, 185, 197
al-Nafzawi, ‘Umar Muhammad, 56

p. 342

Randa (Algerian transsexual woman), 259-60, 262, 266-7
Qur’an, xv, xvi, 12, 25, 28, 37, 51, 70, 77, 78, 96, 99, 107, 112, 120, 153, 161, 177, 258, 261, 266



Arabic names can be transcribed in different ways. Faysal Al-Kak is also known as Faysal El Kak, for those who wish to follow his groundbreaking publications on sexuality in the Arab region. He, Jocelyn DeJong and Brigitte Khoury are at the American University of Beirut, not in Beirut.

Special thanks Nadia Kadri and Soumia Berrada for their assistance.

Mansoor Moaddel is at Eastern Michigan University.