Sex toys in history

On the subject of dildos, the Encyclopedia of Pleasure has sobering tale “of a woman called Sallamah who, one day, was caught in the act of doing sexual union to an effeminate man by means of a godemiche [dildo]. When she had been brought before the ruler, she was given a good beating. Later, to make her an object of public disgrace, the ruler ordered that she should ride on a camel and tour the streets. While she was carrying out the ruler’s order, she was seen by a man who knew her. Wondering at the sight, he said, ‘It is disgraceful Sallamah.’ But before he could complete his words, she said, ‘I conjure you by God to keep silent. How oppressive men are! You, men, have been doing sexual union to us from times immemorial. When we tried to do it to you only once, we got a good beating.’”